torsdag 21 augusti 2014

Leatherface + Hannah = Sant

Here some pictures from the "Leatherface/Hannah" stone. Just 30 meters from a small gravel road. The stone offers several nice problems. Some easy warm up style problems and some skin ripping hard problems. More big stones in this sector.

Here I am doing "Leatherface". A very nice arete. There is a low Sit start to but that´s much harder. Tried but failed. On the face to the left is some projects. Crimpy as hell! On the left arete goes "Leatherface + Hannah = Sant". A nice SS problem with a perfect topout.

Low start on "Leatherface". Then there are some dynamic moves to a very nice hold. But it´s sharp as hell! The stone here eats meat and skin! Like the sharpest stone in Val di Mello!
There is a project to the left.

Brushing the arete. Need a new stick and a collapsable ladder. Soooo much work to do out here. 
The brushes from Biltema are the best and I need to buy new ones all the time!

There will be more....

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