söndag 17 augusti 2014

Beach bouldering - east coast style.

The warm and nice summer is gone for now. Glad that we had a few weeks of nice weather and over +30°C. A real luxury here in Sweden. I visited my girlfriends summer place near Arkösund, east of Norrköping, a lot this summer. Next to her beach there are some very nice slabs just next to the water. Above them some nice vertical boulders. Have done 15+ boulders here during the last summers.
The fascinating about the east cost are all the straight trees! Just next to the water! At the west coast the trees are all dwarfed by storms, salty winds. There trees that grow next to the water only grow a few meters.
The east coast beach rock quality is firm and looks/feels like the stone at the west coast. Lots of small crimps and nice slopers. Inland, rock a la west coast granite, is not that common.

Here is one of my favorites. Nice minimalistic slab with a scary top out.

Nice slab: "Sommaren är kort".  Minimini crimps and some mean mini slopers. Very smooth topout.

There will be more...

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  1. Mmm Östkusten! Låter så bekant allt du beskriver! Gött med lite slabbar precis vid vattnet! Ser fint ut!