onsdag 20 augusti 2014

Hannah Montana and Leatherface

Yesterday I brushed some new stones that I found a while ago. Some very cool lines. The boulders are big and need a lot of work. ( Here are some of the boulders, and here...and here...). Brushed a lot and did some new problems. These boulders have a lot of nice lines and I can´t wait until I get back there. 

Compared to the west coast clean granite boulders the boulders here are covered with a lot of moss so cleaning the boulders is time consuming. Then it´s good to have a bag full of Biltema steel brushes.
Next to one of the boulders I found a Hannah Montana cap. Scary to find that in the middle of nowhere. This is prime country for Leatherface and banjo players. Close to some other boulders I saw some hunters a la "Deliverance" throwing apples for future kills. Feels safe. 

"Sniper alley" - A very nice overhanging arete. Sit start. After a while I figured out that it was important 
with a toe-hook/heel-hook combination. On the other side of the boulder is a similar problem but much harder.

Mountainbiking from the car to the boulders a couple of kilometers is hard
with a crashpad full with gear on the back. iPhone picture.

Next to one of the boulders I found this. A Hannah Montana cap. It has been there a while. 
Scary as this is in the middle of nowhere. Maybe Leatherface lives out here!? iPhone picture.

Found some new stones also. Here is one that had some nice steep lines. iPhone picture.

There will be more...

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